A memorable experience

Are you a thrill seeker? Do you chase adrenaline hights and breathtaking chills? Or are you on the lookout to kick back and share sweet treats with your friends? Whatever meaning you give to fun, Jokers Attractions has an experience designed especially for you.

Fun starts here!

Athens Hall of Horrors

For the first time in Greece, a neoclassical building in the center of Athens is transformed into an experience of absolute horror. The unique horror hotel invites you to wander its dark rooms and meet the sinister creatures that come to life through a group of actors. The old hotel, for over a century lay dormant, rotting from within… But now it reopens its rotten doors and invites you to discover its labyrinthine hallways that lie within , its subterranean secrets and to meet Count Diavolo Hellaton and the rest of the creatures that lurk in its shadows. The Athens Hall of Horrors is hungry… and you are its next meal.

Sweet sCreams

Did you manage to survive from the hotel? Congratulations, but if you think the Athens Hall of Horrors experience ends here, you’re wrong! Just before the exit, the scariest sweets & Home Made Ice Cream that will blow your mind are waiting for you. Enjoy them if you dare!

Past projects

The House
of Fear - Agony

The House of Fear is first and only Haunted House Attraction with live actors in Greece. It offers live entertainment by simulating the experience of visiting a haunted place with a storyline of horror fiction. It features fearsome sets and characters, zombies, ghosts and possessed people that are played by real actors.

House Of Fear Bodies

The House of Fear - bodies project took place at Allou! Fun Park from 2015 to 2018. In 2018 this project was upgraded to House of Fear Agony.

Mirror Forest

If you like mystery and you think that you can find the solution then Mystery Forest is the game that you are seeking. Jokers Attractions took over the construction and the management of the venue until 2018 that was delivered to Allou! Fun Park.